Simple pleasures can take many forms depending on your personal preferences. They are generally inexpensive or free, and the joy is usually derived from a moment or a feeling rather than a material item. It’s about taking a small slice of time for yourself, an even more wonderful prospect in the middle of a hectic working day.

My bank holiday weekend was full of simple pleasures that allowed me to recharge my batteries:

  • Plant Pals – whether it’s watering my collection of houseplants or tending to the handful of pots on my balcony, taking care of my plant family is always at the top of my simple pleasures list. Growing something from scratch is good for the soul, teaching us patience and responsibility. Watching the first little shoots poking through the soil is a really magical feeling! You can start off small with a pot, a bit of soil and a packet of seeds. No garden? There are heaps of herbs that you can grown on your kitchen windowsill, or try something like a spider plant for the ultimate easy to care for houseplant.
  • Food – cooking is one of my favourite simple pleasures as you get the ultimate reward of eating the end product. Whether you’re feeling adventurous and trying out a new recipe, or smugly prepping a big batch of dinners for a busy week ahead, a few hours in the kitchen with your pots, pans and a podcast is a brilliant way of switching off. My current favourite lazy afternoon activity is baking banana bread; it’s a great way of using up the sad old bananas at the bottom of the fruit bowl (I swear by this recipe with some cinnamon and nutmeg thrown in for some added spice), and you get a week of cake.
  • Making something just for fun – A great antidote to our productivity-driven culture is to make something with 0 purpose whatsoever. To engage in the act of creation for creations sake allows us to enjoy the journey of the process rather than worrying about the end result. There are lots of craft activities you can play around with that are inexpensive and tactile – try making something from air-dry clay, or collaging with old magazines, or getting some marbling inks and making some wavy patterns just because.

What are your favourite simple pleasures?

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