After meeting Rebekah Few at my latest collage workshop, I was kindly asked to write a guest post for her blog which was something I was overjoyed to do! Rebekah is a mental health trainer working to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace, and has an impressive client list ranging from Harrods to the Royal Mail. The blog features regular guest posts from writers with either lived or professional experience of mental health problems, and broaches an array of topics from living with OCD to tips on increasing self awareness.

Here’s an excerpt from my post:

“Toxic Positivity is the notion that everything is fine and you should always feel good. Remember when, as a child, a well-meaning relative or teacher would attempt to comfort your tears with the plea of ‘please don’t cry’? Though the sentiment is heartfelt, the subconscious message that is received is that being sad is bad, words which serve as the toxic positivity national anthem.

A common social media quote that does the rounds in a variety of iterations is Good Vibes Only. Good Vibes Only suggests that your negativity isn’t wanted here. Keep that sadness, disappointment, hurt and anger away from me. I am only cultivating a space for positive emotions. Those feelings are wrong, and you are wrong for feeling that way. It’s become the grown-up version of ‘please don’t cry’.”

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