Words of Wisdom - the new print collection

We can all use a little advice sometimes. When we're making big decisions, struggling with our creativity, or comparing our success to that of others, a few words of encouragement can be just what's needed to get our focus back on track.

I find some motivational quotes to be a little reductive, focusing on achieving goals and smashing targets rather than growing and developing personally or professionally.

So I designed this trio of prints as part of a new "Words of Wisdom" collection.

Words of Wisdom prints by Kalee Jones

A selection of thoughtfully curated phrases that are the kind of advice that an older relative or friend may offer; words to live by that can be applied to many parts of life. 

Trust Your Gut. 

Your gut instinct knows who you are. It's on your side, steering you towards the right decisions. We could probably all do with trusting in that little nagging voice a more often.

Trusting my gut lead me to leave a stable job with a good regular income to start my own business. My instincts had been telling me for some time that I was not on the right path, that changes had to be made in order for me to find my purpose.

Have courage; trust your gut and you won't go far wrong.



Do The Work.

I caught an interview on the radio recently with Merrill Garbus from Tune-Yards.

When asked if she had any advice for young women trying to break into the music industry as an artist or producer, Garbus answered:

"Do the work. Don't worry about who's listening or who's not listening, just do the work."

This has stuck with me since hearing it. Don't get distracted by the numbers game and comparing yourself to others - keep doing the work, showing up and turning it out. The right people will notice.




Hone Your Craft.

Thanks to social media, we can spend far too long looking around at what everyone else is doing. While it's always good to see what others in your field are getting up to, this can quickly turn into comparison, negativity, and self doubt.

Instead of spending hours scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, wondering "why is everyone doing so much better than me?" invest time in honing your craft. Paint, collage, draw, play guitar, write, photograph - whatever your craft is, do more of it. You'll not only see improvement in your skills, but you'll re-ignite any fading passion.


 What words of wisdom would you give to your younger self?


Words of Wisdom prints by Kalee Jones


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