Lockdown observations

One day you're baking banana bread and making a start on a free online course about ancient Greek mythology. The next you're laying horizontal for six hours, laptop burning into your curled up thighs whilst watching Saved by the Bell compilations on YouTube, chest covered in crumbs from aforementioned banana bread. This is the never-ending … Continue reading Lockdown observations

It is better to try than to forever wonder “what if?”.

My career history goes something like this: retail, military academy administrator, trainee veterinary nurse, college student support advisor, self-employed clock painter, freelance digital designer, personalised gift technician, college disability advisor. It's not as wild as some people's CVs, but I have explored a good few jobs in my time. I carry some insecurity about the … Continue reading It is better to try than to forever wonder “what if?”.

Our relationship with written reflection

It occurred to me recently, whilst considering how I like to spend my time that I write every day. As someone that lives inside their own head, I have always found the best way of making sense of the innumerable thoughts bolting around my brain on a daily basis is to write them down. Seeing … Continue reading Our relationship with written reflection